what is Women's Hormone Replacement Therapy?

 A woman’s healthy mind, body, and lifestyle are highly dependent upon the balance of her natural hormonal production. This balance can be disrupted in many ways, most often by the natural processes of peri-menopause, menopause, and aging. Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy helps women achieve a rebalancing of hormones through the use of bio-identicals hormones which are derived from plant compounds.

Natural Ingredients for a healthier you.

Derived from plant compounds, bio-identicals hormones are made to be identical in structure and function to the natural hormones made in a woman’s body. Olive Tree Compounding Pharmacy uses the finest ingredients and raw minerals to bring balance into your life as naturally as possible. We produce creams, gels, suppositories, troches, sublingual drops, and capsules that meet a woman’s specific hormonal needs. 

Bio-identical hormones

  • Estriol

  • Estradiol

  • Progesterone

  • Testosterone

  • Pregnenolone

  • DHEA

  • Thyroid (T3 and T4)

Our pharmacists and your prescriber

Our Pharmacists will work closely with your prescriber to determine the most compatible bio-identical compound for you. Talk to your prescriber today to see if hormone replacement therapy is right for you.